Why the switch up?


The covid lockdown's have brought a lot of change for everyone. I found myself reflecting more, especially on where I saw Retro Roots heading.

I kept asking myself the same question; why had my passion turned into a hassle? 

I wasn't passionate about the clothing I was putting out anymore, and it reflected in my sales and content. Finding the balance between starting university, lectures, assignments, and a social life reflected in my business.

The lack of effort, time and enjoyment for my passion meant I had dropped the ball, and was finding running it out of my student uni room a hassle. Trying to source clothing, keep up with content, and connecting with customers became somewhat of a hassle also. 

One day I looked in my wardrobe and saw it was mainly black over sized faded vintage tees. I realised my passion for vintage tees had evolved into mainly black over sized tees, and suddenly thought this is what I should be doing now. These types of tees were popular and I had a feeling others would like them also. 

The concept of specialising in a niche vintage area appealed to me as XL and 2XL were the most popular sizes, black was a commonly liked tee colour, and it was presently what I was into. I wanted to bring my passion for it back, and by reducing the amount of stock and only having more premium tees started to interest me again. 

It was still important for me to include a mental health aspect. That part I had always loved in the original Retro Roots business, but I wanted to do it differently where I was able to add small value more regularly.

It all started to come together - I decided to re-create Retro Roots and shift the brand into what I was presently passionate about - a black over sized vintage tee and mental health awareness. I've loved finding the pieces for the first few drops, and creating some more reflective posts e.g. Motivational Mondays. 

I'm really excited about the evolution of Retro Roots, I hope you are too. Who knows where we will go next, but for now you can bet on us for dope vintage black over sized tees!  

Cheers team,