About Us



       RETRO – vintage clothing, with a taste of the 80s, 90s and 2000s

       ROOTS – one’s history and background

Retro Roots was born when I had grown out of a T-Shirt. With the need to have some pocket money for lunch the next day, I messaged my mates to see if they wanted to buy it. The T-Shirt was sold for more than I purchased it, which got me thinking about using my love for clothing and sport to earn a little more pocket money.

On a family trip my Aunty took me to some thrift stores. I found three T-Shirts and re-sold them on to friends again making a profit, then I realized there was the potential to form a side hustle.

Before Retro Roots was born, there was the Instagram page called, Mikes Classic Streetwear, where I gained traction for over a year hitting 1000 followers. The desire to get more professional was the flame that set Retro Roots alight, and by the name we go by today.

Kiwi mental health is a massive issue today and with myself and so many other going or gone through it, here is my chance to help out and do what I can. 

Since 2020 we have donated 10% of our profits to Youthline so with every purchase you know you are helping a good cause. 

In 2022 we are switching it up a bit. We used to sell every size and every colour with tees and jumpers ranging from sports to brands to college and Harley. My love of black over sized tees was the driving force to this change and going back to my "roots." This is why now we are selling black oversized tees and hoodies. 

A big cheers to all those who have supported the vision of Retro Roots since 2018 and the new ones that have come along the way, what a ride and can’t wait for it to keep going!

Michael Sheed